Conference Call: A Boon

In this technologically advanced era of smart phones, IM’s and video calls conference calls have been a boon to those old long lost groups of friends and for official meetings of cross-country delegates where people speak in groups of 4-5 depending on the mode they are using.

Companies use conference calls daily, to meet their needs of conducting a presentation in the presence of all the Boards members. Conference calling in the business world has certain ethics which must be followed of net raising voice and not interrupting. The companies using conference call services benefit a lot, as these calls cut down the travelling hassle and cost.

Conference Call is a great option for social meetings as well as get together where teens connect to their gang and discuss out projects as well as school stuff.

  • Prepaid conference calls– This service allows parties to buy conference calling services and online and then keep paying-as-you-go.
  • Flat Rate Conferencing– Unlimited access is provided to a conference bridge on a monthly basis. This kind of conference calling service has acquired a wide range of popularity in the business world.
  • Free conference Calling– Done using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol enabling multimedia sessions and voice communications). In this kind of conference calling you need a smart phone and an active and steady internet connection.
  • Premium Conferencing– The participants in this call dial on a premium toll free number, the cost of the call being hosted by the party benefitting from the call.
  • Visual Conference Calls– The other name for this call is video conference Call which is equivalent to a live meeting, where decisions are to be made.
  • Operator Dialed Conference Call-Here the operator calls each participant and if asked for, notes down the details of the call.

While concluding, we would say that technology has given us a lot and we should be thankful to it. Certain things should be known before opting for any conference call provider- the cost, the support and the tutorial should be practical.


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